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First Day Working From Home

First time in the history that people are not afraid of Monday

I am sure I don’t have to state why I am working from home at the moment. If you are curious, just ask me in the comment below.

(I start work at 9) Usually, I get up, most of the time, at around 6:30 in the morning. I typically cook my lunch after I get up then get myself ready to go to work. My workplace isn’t too far from my apartment (actually it’s a rent room) – it takes me around 20 minutes – so I have to leave home at 8:20. BUT there is something strange this week, I don’t have to leave home.

I’m working from home. This is how my first day was like:

Before telling you what happened on the first work-from-home Monday, I want to let you know how I felt on Sunday night. It was such a relaxing night – I felt like the day after was a holiday. Unlike before, my mind was just relaxed, and I didn’t even think about the super annoying time being stuck in the traffic jam. However, I did not go to bed late.

Monday morning…

It was 6:45 as I looked at my phone when I woke up. Different from other mornings (You know that I prepare my lunch in the morning), that Monday I wrote an article instead. After about 1 hour, I posted the article, went downstairs to grab breakfast, took a shower, and finally started to work. Everything went smoothly even I was a bit annoyed by the noises made by the two under-construction buildings next to my apartment. At lunchtime, I started cooking.


It took me around 40 minutes to finish cooking, so I didn’t have enough time to take a nap – I usually take a nap in the office after lunch. I finished my lunch, cleaned things up, retook a shower, and went back to work. Although the working environment wasn’t comfortable enough, I was chilled listening to my favourite songs 🙂 I was happy and relaxed though.

Do I like working from home (based on my first-day experience)?

Yes, Indeed. The first reason is that I don’t have to commute from one to another place. That saves time and money. Also, I don’t have to wear any special clothes (we don’t have a uniform at work, but you know we have to dress appropriately anyway). That first Monday, I wore a short, and I was shirtless :). The best part is that it’s easier to lay down and move around whenever I want to take a short break. Can I do these things at the company? Yes, sure. But I just cannot sleep when my surroundings are working. That looks absurd!

Between working from home and in an office, which one do I prefer?

I enjoy the comfortable chair and desk, free coffee, and the aircon room at the office, yet I love the work-from-home side as it makes me feel more relaxed. Anyway, social interaction is another staple we need to think of.

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How about you?

How was your first day working from home? Do you have anything to tell others? Please share it below!

Hope you enjoy reading…


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