Check Windows Expiry Date Using CMD

Just bought a new Windows PC? Or want to check your Windows License status? Wonder if your Windows is genuine or is going to expire someday soon?

You don’t need to have technical knowledge or be an IT guy to check your Windows License status. You just need to know how to read and to type :). Easy, isn’t it?

Let’s learn how to check Windows License expiry date using command line (CMD):

1. Open CMD

From the search bar, type CMD and hit “Enter”


2. Type “slmgr /xpr”

After hitting the Enter key in (1), the cmd windows will pop up. Type slmgr /xpr and hit Enter key.


A small windows will popup showing the detail of your windows license expiry date. In this article, my license is permanently activated.

Check your Windows License now and let me know in the comment!

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