15 great life lessons we can learn from Video games

15 Great Life Lessons We Can Learn From Video Games

Playing games has both pros and cons. I think, personally, games are good or bad is defined by the one playing them not the games themselves. Today I share with you 15 life lessons that we can learn from the video games.

  1. The more you progress, the more you face difficulties
  2. When there are no obstacles, you are going in the wrong direction
  3. Look for secrets and do some side quests to get better fast
  4. Don’t waste your lives even if you have multiple
  5. Tutorials don’t seem useful at first but will save you later
  6. When you want to feel better with a clear mind, use the PAUSE button
  7. Don’t be the player who only cares about themselves
  8. Explore the map. Something interesting might pop up
  9. Offer help for those in need, but do not feel bad when they lack the drive to keep going
  10. Help the less fortunate
  11. Good things and bad things appear differently
  12. Everyone wants to be a hero, even bad people
  13. Let things go. Don’t forget, but don’t be burdened, either
  14. There’s a pattern to games and to life
  15. You’re not alone

What do you think about these 15 life lessons? Do you agree or disagree?

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Source: Deepstash

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