About Me

Hello! I am thrilled to see you here

I am Sothea. I have good knowledge in Project Management and Web Development. I earned an engineering bachelor degree in Information and Communication Engineering from Institute of Technology of Cambodia. As working on many different web development projects, I am knowledgeable in this area. 

Website speed optimization is one of my specialties, specifically on WordPress and PHP based framework such as Laravel. I am always available to discuss and talk regarding web development and Digital Marketing. Ring me anytime 🙂 

What I also do here

Writing Article

I write articles about self-improvement, experience, and how-to.

Tech Talk

You will see videos sharing Tech knowledge and tips.


Imagination is good, and it is great when we write it down.

BetterMe Video

I share videos that help you improve yourselves and get inspired.

Sharing is caring

Have interesting stories to tell? Don't hide them, let's make them go viral here!

What else?

If you have ideas to improve the site, let's talk.

Who I Am

A Tech lover and a tech savvy to be. 


To share Tech knowledge and Tips.

What I Do

Learn then share with you all.

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